Heather Walters Returns to Meadows Group Inc., Realtors!

HW-smallHi everyone!

It​’s a pleasure to be back at Meadows Group after years​ of being overseas​. ​Since my return, the recurring question I’m asked is:  “​what will​ you be doing here​?”​.

The term “Business Development” ​is a difficult one to describe​, however, Business Development in it simplest form is about pursuing opportunities for long-term growth.

Basically, trying to discover unmet needs and evaluate how to best meet them.  This doesn’t mean that w​e’ll be implementing every idea, ​but ​vetting on ones ​that ​we believe will work for us.

Hmmm, sounds nice but how will I spend my days ​you ask​? ​Well … here​’s a couple of examples​: ​​

Meadows Group has a need for more agents; I​’m actively recruiting.  Meadows Group needs a more prominent brand; I’m working to update and promote the brand.

Hope this clears up what I​’m doing and that you​’ll see this as an invitation to help us grow this amazing company. Bring me your ideas! Bring me your agents to recruit! Let’s work together to make this amazing place even more outstanding!

With all my best,

Heather Walters

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Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary!!!

Meadows Group Inc., Realtors, friends and family, came together on Thursday September 18th to celebrate 20 years in the Real Estate Industry.  The weather cooperated while we all enjoyed some wonderful BBQ from Howard’s BBQ & Catering and some excellent guitar music from Tim Woster!  Congratulations to Heather Adams, Tammy House and all of our brokers for their 20 years of continued success!

  • 1993: Al Robertson Broker of the Year
  • 1994: Meadows Group Inc., Realtors Incorporates
  • 1996: New Westside Office Opens
  • 2001: Westside Office Expands
  • 2002: 1000+ Transactions Closed
  • 2004: New Eastside Office Opens
  • 2005: 1500+ Transactions Closed
  • 2005: Eastside Office Expands
  • 2005-2007: Westside Office Highest Producing Office in Beaverton
  • 2007: Eva Sanders Broker of the Year
  • 2009: Matt Gorman Westside Managing Broker
  • 2010-2011: Eastside Office Highest Producing Office in SE Portland
  • 2013: Eva Sanders President of OAR
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It’s Just Gotta Look Good–Staging Basics, a Seller Handout

Staging has become an essential marketing tool to get top dollar—to appeal to buyers and capture their attention during their late night internet search for Home.  The place must look great on-line and in person!

So it is in this time of on-line shopping and sophisticated buyers with design magazine dreams displaying The Good Life that buyers dream of their new place and the coolness, beauty, grace, and joy that it will offer.

They come to a property brim full of expectations and visions that they want to experience in the “right” place.

It really doesn’t work to assume that these dreamy and astute buyers, feeling their way to their perfect spot, will walk into a mess of distracted clutter, smelly cooking or other house odors and recognize the place as their dream.  As Sellers, you certainly know how great it can be and how well it has served you, but they are not impressed!

So many times we have shown a really good property that, if well staged, would certainly have been sold, and that would be right for our buyers, only to have them walk thru, enthusiasm lagging, and cross it off their list.  No amount of their realtor “selling” the place can bring them back.  Their “yes” emotions are turned off.

Preparing your property for the market is like detailing your car to sell.  It has become a necessity, and as it has proven to shorten selling time and increase sales price, it is a cost effective investment.

Staging is the art of enhancing a property to maximize a buyer’s interest and present beautiful design so that a buyer can recognize “home at last”.


From our years of experience working with buyers and equally long lives as artists, we offer a unique niche in staging as we know both areas well.  Our services include a consultation, full staging or staging just a few select areas.  We also offer design services such as:  Fix this Room, Please! & Having a Party?


To prepare your home for the market, schedule a consultation or service and learn more, please visit us at:








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Portland Home Price Averages By Year & Month

Jam letterhead3_7-19-11graph4graph3graph2

* All graphs courtesy of RMLS

Jen Lundstrom & Sam Fuqua
Brokers licensed in Oregon


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